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ITV Launches Contextual Targeting Tool

November 11 2022

UK television broadcaster ITV has launched a tool called Automated Contextutal Targeting (ACT), to provide advertisers with insights into 'moods, objects and moments' in programmes that they can use to 'fine-tune' their campaigns.

Jayesh RajdevDeveloped by ITV's AdLabs ad innovation group, the new ACT uses AI technology to scan through every show across the ITV Hub video-on-demand service, categorising each scene by mood, object and moment. This technology, which has the ability to recognise facial expressions and words spoken within shows, has allowed the team to draw up three key themes for the pilot: 'food, drink and mealtimes'; 'moments of joy'; and 'beauty and cosmetics', with further buyable categories to be added next year.

ITV says that where an advertiser might typically buy 'food' as a contextual theme and target shows such as Ainsley's Mediterranean Cookbook, the ACT algorithm enables them to target moods, objects and moments - whether it be via a mealtime shown in Coronation Street, or contestants having a dinner date on Love Island. ACT is already being trialled by Sainsbury's to target 'food, drink and mealtimes' as an ACT buy for its Christmas campaign; and by Boots, which will be targeting 'moments of joy' and 'beauty and cosmetic' themes for its own Christmas campaign.

Jayesh Rajdev (pictured), Controller of Advanced Advertising at ITV, comments: 'More than ever, brands want to buy adjacency to the biggest and most talked about shows on TV, but do so with relevance. Following months of development and testing under AdLabs, our ACT pilot utilises cutting-edge tech to help brands fine tune the contextual relevance of their ITV addressable campaigns'.

Web site: www.itv.com .

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