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Shepper Launches Rapid Product and Promotion Check

November 29 2022

On-demand data collection service Shepper has launched a solution allowing UK retailers and marketers to check how products and promotions are being offered in physical stores, within a day of briefing, and with insight reports returned in under 48 hours.

Lindsay ForsterShepper offers businesses real-time data collection, mystery shopping and audit services through a community of 180,000 collectors, known as 'shepherds'. These individuals take photos within the Shepper app, with each data point reviewed and checked for quality, and they then receive payment for both simple 5-minute checks and for lengthier audits.

For the new service, this team of data collectors conducts real-time checks on product presence, position, promotion and pricing for retailers, FMCG brands, marketing and product managers. CEO Lindsay Forster (pictured) says this will speed up the process of product and promotion checks by a matter of days, if not weeks.

'The value in knowing whether or not a promotion is working in the way it was intended in just 48 hours is incalculable, and represents a step change in the ability to monitor campaigns', Forster explains. 'Real-time feedback should not be reserved for online marketing and campaigns; especially as physical shopping experiences remain so important to consumers'.

Web site: www.shepper.com .

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