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Kantar Debuts Trends and Behaviour Tool Digital Mirror

March 13 2023

Kantar has launched an advanced analytics solution called Digital Mirror, using NLP and advanced graph and correspondence analysis to spot trends and map them to off-line consumer and product segmentations.

Cynthia VegaThe new tool was developed through Kantar's open innovation ecosystem iLab, in partnership with audience intelligence platform Audiense, and client Coca-Cola. Kantar says the solution uses AI to 'decode digital footprints', giving an improved understanding of consumers and their habits, for use in accelerating product innovation, anticipating potential market disruptions, and optimizing and targeting communications.

Kantar's Global Head Dx Analytics & iLab Partnerships Cynthia Vega comments: 'Digital Mirror is a testimony to our unshakable belief in open innovation and the value of bringing together brands and diverse partners to disrupt traditional marketing research. The beauty of our solution is that it combines Kantar's deep understanding of consumers everywhere, new meaningful data and Audiense's technology in one place to provide the speed, scale and rigour that was lacking in the market'. Javier Burón, CEO & founder of Audiense, says the solution 'combines the power of a representative survey sample and advanced machine learning to know more about any segments' core emotional and functional needs at scale'.

Michele Morena, Digital Insights - Europe at The Coca-Cola Company adds: 'Most needs do not live in isolation and understanding their intersectionality is fertile ground for innovation. With the help of technology and digital data, we can be observers rather than intruders in consumers' life'.

The new solution is designed to be complementary to traditional survey methods, and is available globally. Web sites: www.kantar.com/expertise/analytics/innovation-analytics/digital-mirror and www.audiense.com .

All articles 2006-23 written and edited by Mel Crowther and/or Nick Thomas unless otherwise stated.

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