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Wiland Launches US Purchase Intent Data Suite

July 19 2023

In Niwot, Colorado, marketing data firm Wiland, Inc, has launched a suite of products based on analysis of spending / intent signals, promising to help clients predict who will buy from 'any brand' across multiple sectors.

New suite puts purchase intent data at users' fingerptips'Wiland View' includes thousands of proprietary predictive data elements and aims to improve the effectiveness of customer acquisition, customer modeling and segmentation, as well as market analysis and personalisation.

Wiland says its platform uses privacy-protective methods to resolve trillions of continuously refreshed spending and intent signals into data elements which rank more than 250 million US adults by their likelihood to spend in hundreds of precisely defined market categories and with virtually any brand. Wiland View can either be overlaid on an existing customer file as appended data, or installed as a solution providing a complete view for 'virtually every US adult'; and users can also request custom data elements for use in their own modeling work.

Chief Client Officer Drew May comments: 'Many brands possess information about their customers' spending with their own organizations - their first-party data. But they lack visibility into these individuals' total spending activity and purchase intent. Wiland View closes this knowledge gap. It enables highly accurate predictions about the future spending behavior of a brand's customers and prospects - insight that the brand could never obtain on its own'.

Web site: www.wiland.com .

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