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DMR Adds Theme Identification Feature to listening247

September 1 2023

London-based DMR (previously known as DigitalMR) has launched an AI 'theme identification' feature for social media listening, allowing users not just to listen to what their customers are saying, but also to predict what they will say next.

Michalis MichaelDMR, whose team comprises software engineers, data scientists, market researchers and analysts, taps artificial intelligence in the creation of datasets through which analysts and researchers can uncover actionable insights. The firm's flagship listening247 platform derives customer insights from big data analytics, while its communities247 multilingual online communities platform is used to recruit and engage customers for co-creation, insights and customer advocacy initiatives.

The new 'theme identification' uses machine learning algorithms to sift through data and extract underlying patterns as they emerge over time. DMR claims that by analysing the 'collective chatter of a myriad of online users', this feature can identify hot topics and emerging themes with 'unparalleled accuracy'. It adds: 'By tapping into the vast ocean of conversations happening across social media, forums, news outlets, and other online platforms, listening247 empowers businesses with real-time insights into customer sentiments, preferences and trends'.

The firm, which is led by CEO Michalis Michael (pictured), is online at www.digital-mr.com .

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