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Medallia Unveils Personalisation and Agile MR Tools

February 7 2024

Customer and employee experience firm Medallia has announced four AI-based innovations - Ask Athena, Intelligent Summaries, Smart Response and Themes - geared to personalising customer and employee experience; and has launched a fully self-service MR tool, Medallia Agile Research.

Simonetta TurekThe four AI tools will be available to clients via the Medallia Experience Cloud. Ask Athena taps an organisation's experience data, or 'any relevant data points' to provide AI summaries answering conversational questions posed by the user - alongside supporting evidence such as additional data, graphs and charts. Intelligent Summaries provides AI-composed 'concise and accurate' summaries of any interaction or profile, including reasons for contact, issue resolution and customer satisfaction. These appear 'exactly where employees need them in records and record lists'.

Smart Response promises to provide 'a personalised, empathetic and accurate response to customers, in real time. The firm stresses that 'employees have full control as responses are both editable and can be sent by individuals'. Themes applies AI to Medallia's trend-spotting analytics capabilities, adding intelligent summaries for each theme identified and helping 'employees of all levels to identify issues faster and streamline root cause analysis and data exploration'.

Medallia has created an AI Moderation Council to ensure a continued focus on safety and ethics while developing AI tools. Recently hired Chief Product Officer Simonetta Turek (pictured) comments: 'The AI Moderation Council reflects the importance we place on our customers' data privacy, security, and responsible use of their data. To further these efforts, we are also launching an AI Advisory Board that will include participation from our customer and partner communities'.

CEO Joe Tyrrell says the new solutions 'mark a fundamental shift in customer experience, moving from looking at data and analytics, to taking action, in real time, through automation, to deliver a personalised, instant experience'.

The new self-service MR tool, Medallia Agile Research, will also be integrated into its Experience Cloud and provides a unified platform to measure and analyse consumer, market and brand insights. The tool will facilitate one-off surveys, competitive analysis and brand/product research, features advanced statistical analysis options, and boasts global reach, with access to millions of respondents worldwide (in 80+ languages) through a third-party panel, with administration fully integrated in the platform.

Turek comments: 'The introduction of Medallia Agile Research brings an intuitive, easy to use, self-service market research solution to companies who want to move quickly to conduct market and competitive research, and iterate changes quickly, without invalidating the historical data of their customer retention and customer experience platform'.

Web site: www.medallia.com .

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