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BVA BDRC Launches Synthetic Data Tool Pixel.AI

March 22 2024

Insight and analytics group BVA BDRC has launched synthetic data product Pixel.AI, which it says accurately predicts responses from restricted segments by training on existing and representative data.

Emilie BoutesThe company has worked to develop the new offering over eight months, in partnership with Fairgen, a startup founded by two students from Imperial College London and aiming to 're-shape the future of market research and insights through generative AI'. Professor Emmanuel Candes, Director of the Department of Data Sciences and Statistics at Stanford University and Scientific Advisor at Fairgen, has overseen the development to reinforce its commitment to quality standards.

Emilie Boutes (pictured), Chief Innovation Officer of BVA BDRC's parent The BVA Family says the new tool 'perfectly encapsulates our commitment to delivering increasingly precise and relevant insights to our clients'. BVA Family CEO Philippe Carillon comments: 'Innovation is deeply embedded in the DNA of the group, with our teams' continuous commitment to pushing the boundaries of insights, data & analytics for our clients. This spirit of innovation is demonstrated both by the tech and data science expertise of our in-house teams, as well as strategic partnerships with startups like Fairgen, known for its excellence in generative AI'.

Web sites: www.bva-bdrc.com and www.fairgen.ai .

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