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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to online communities (aka MROCs) and custom-built research panels; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!.

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Fri Feb 16 2018)

A look at how Autodesk runs 'one of the oldest and most successful brand communities in the world' Read more

If Apple and Airbnb showed how the largest brands run their communities' (says FeverBee, linking to previous articles), '...and StackOverflow showed what's possible with a fully customized platform, Autodesk represents what's possible with the tools most organizations have available today'. Read it

Using a communities platform to research for FMCG brands in Taiwan and China Read more

A Q&A with Jenny Liu, Managing Partner of Taiwan's Answer Global Market Research on her usage of Further's Together platform. The first in a series from the newly rebranded UK firm - formerly known as Dub. Read it

Online communities help to understand the patient's journey Read more

Communities are first up in a FuelCycle discussion of 'Mining the Patient Ecosystem: How Market Research Can Help you Understand the Patient's Journey. 'Online communities... give patients the opportunity to discuss healthcare issues with those going through a similar experience'. What's more, 'public information posted on online communities acts as helpful qualitative data'. Read it


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In with the Right Crowd?. Ask a thousand people, at a music festival, to guess the weight of a cow, and take the average, they'll get the wrong answer... getting the right people in your community is crucial, says Paul Twite - MD, Europe and MENA at our sponsor, Toluna (MRT)

Should Insight Communities be Branded or Unbranded? - Boston-based community specialist My-Take looks at how to decide - late Oct '17 (WEB )

3 lessons ... from Coca-Cola's global innovation community - from the Vision Critical blog, Oct '17 (WEB )

Keeping communities human by Kyle Kim-Hays, Toluna EVP Global Digital Marketing - published in Sept '17 (WEB)

In the News...

BDRC Launches Global High Value Traveller Omnibus
London-based full service insights firm BDRC has launched the Global High Value Traveller Omnibus (GTO), comprising 5,000 interviews every quarter with verified frequent flyers intercepted at the point of ticket purchase. More.
Expansion Funds for Insight Platform Streetbees
In London, tech-enabled customer insights platform Streetbees has raised $12m in a Series A round of funding, which it will use to further develop its Always On machine learning technology and expand its UK and US teams. More.
QRCA Opens Membership to In-House and Ad Agency Staff
US industry body the Qualitative Research Consultants Association (QRCA) is opening up its membership to qual researchers who work in-house and at ad agencies. More.

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Feature Archive / 2016-2017

Five Challenges to Overcome - for Successful Market Research Online Communities - by Lisa Boughton, on GreenBook Blog, April '17.

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Qualitative Culturalist - Brand Strategist and Trend Watcher, Sydney (posted Mar 14th 2018)

Research Consultant, Panels and Communities - Insight and Strategy Consultancy, Central London (posted Mar 13th 2018)

Quantitative Research Manager - Online Communities, Sydney (posted Mar 13th 2018)

Research Manager - Online Communities, Singapore (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Senior / Research Executive, Healthcare - Boutique Agency - Global, South West London or Manchester (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Community Research Manager - Ipsos SMX, Chicago, IL USA (posted Mar 12th 2018)

Global Qualitative Research Lead - Clientside - Flexible Location, South East England (posted Mar 9th 2018)

Research Manager, Online Communities - Leading MR Agency, London (posted Mar 5th 2018)

Senior Research Manager, Communities - Strategy Consultancy, Central London (posted Mar 5th 2018)