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you'll find daily updates of DRNO news items relating to online communities (aka MROCs) and custom-built research panels; relevant cuttings of other news from around the Web; selected feature articles from our sponsor, other contributors and from other sites that have impressed us; and MR jobs with a focus in this area. Feedback always gratefully received!.

Today's selection of cuttings and submissions (updated Fri Dec 15 2017)

A detailed overview of Airbnb's online community Read more

Last week it was Apple, now Feverbee looks at the home letting giant's five-year-old online community, which is based on the Lithium platform and allows Airbnb hosts - ie those renting out their homes - to ask questions, share tips and tricks, create and host meetup groups, and collaborate with each other in home sharing clubs. Read it

How to boost employee happiness by adopting a robust online employee community Read more

From the Fule Cycle blog: Give your employees multiple options for providing feedback... creating a culture where it's easy to discuss issues publicly, having intimate one-on-one conversations, and going above and beyond by establishing an online employee community. Read it

Top 10 lessons from ten years of communities at 3 pioneering companies Read more

From the Vision Critical blog. Nordstrom, the Biltmore Company and the Center for Creative Leadership have been running insight communities for a decade, and shared their solid strategies and tactical takeaways at the recent Customer Intelligence Summit, in a session featuring Joelle Cann, Manager of Strategy for Nordstrom, Peggy Dalman, Senior Manager of Research and CRM at the Biltmore Company, and Paula Morrow, Global MR Manager at the Center for Creative Leadership. Read it


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In with the Right Crowd?. Ask a thousand people, at a music festival, to guess the weight of a cow, and take the average, they’ll get the wrong answer... getting the right people in your community is crucial, says Paul Twite - MD, Europe and MENA at our sponsor, Toluna (MRT)

Should Insight Communities be Branded or Unbranded? - Boston-based community specialist My-Take looks at how to decide - late Oct '17 (WEB )

3 lessons ... from Coca-Cola's global innovation community - from the Vision Critical blog, Oct '17 (WEB )

Keeping communities human by Kyle Kim-Hays, Toluna EVP Global Digital Marketing - published in Sept '17 (WEB)

In the News...

Toluna Expands in China Through KuRunData Acquisition
Online community and survey tech provider Toluna has expanded its panel reach and operations into China through the acquisition of Shanghai KuRun Information Technology (KuRunData) by Toluna's parent company ITWP Acquisitions. More.
Research Partnership Expands to France
London-based healthcare specialist Research Partnership has opened an office in Lyon, France, led by Associate Director Claire Fradet-Aubignat. More.
nuaxia Names Privacy and Compliance Officer
Healthcare sector MR, marketing services, recruitment and information services provider nuaxia has hired former All Global COO Hilary Fischer for a newly created role, Privacy and Compliance Officer. More.

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Feature Archive / 2016-2017

Five Challenges to Overcome - for Successful Market Research Online Communities - by Lisa Boughton, on GreenBook Blog, April '17.

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Market Research Consultant, Online Communities - Research on the Move!, Melbourne, Aus (posted Nov 28th 2017)

Client Services Manager - Market Research / Online Communities, Leeds City Centre (UK) (posted Nov 17th 2017)

Project Manager - Digital Market Research Agency, West Yorkshire (posted Nov 16th 2017)

Digital Associate Director - Communities-Focus, Boutique Agency, Central London (posted Nov 16th 2017)

Market Research Consultant - Online Communities, Melbourne, Aus (posted Nov 7th 2017)

Research Manager, Quant, Media and Tech, London (posted Oct 25th 2017)

Project Manager, Media, FMCG, Retail - Leading Research Firm, Leeds (UK) (posted Oct 16th 2017)

Marketing Researcher - Brand Marketing, Menlo Park, CA, USA (posted Oct 10th 2017)

Research Executive - Online Community Research, Sydney (posted Oct 4th 2017)

Research Consultant – Online Community Research, London (posted Oct 2nd 2017)