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[ UK and World MR assoc.s ]

The following are market research agencies and consultants with pages on the WorldWideWeb. Listings are free of charge and are updated daily. If you know of an MR company with a site which is not listed here, please let us know.

 ACA Research PtyWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Add+Impact InternationalWeb Site add
  Adept ResearchWeb Site add
  ALTA ResearchWeb Site add
  AMRWeb Site add

  ANOP Research ServicesWeb Site add
  Artcraft ResearchWeb Site add
  Australian Survey ResearchWeb Site add
  AZTEC AustraliaWeb Site add
  Bergent Marketing IntelligenceWeb Site add

  BIS ShrapnelWeb Site add
  BRAND LIFE Research & PlanningWeb Site add
  Brand StoryWeb Site add
 BrandtologyWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Bread and Butter Research & PlanningWeb Site add

  Buzz Strategic InsightsWeb Site add
  Campbell Research & ConsultingWeb Site add
  Celsius ResearchWeb Site add
  Chant Link & AssociatesWeb Site add
 CintWeb SiteMrWeb full entryedit

  CogNETive Pty LtdWeb Site add
  Colmar Brunton ResearchWeb Site add
  CoreData ResearchWeb Site add
 CSDWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Cultural Perspectives Pty LtdWeb Site add

  D&M ResearchWeb Site add
  Data Analysis AustraliaWeb Site add
 DBM ConsultantsWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Derham Marketing Research Pty LtdWeb Site add
  Ehrenberg-Bass InstituteWeb Site add

 Ekas Marketing Research ServicesWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Emerson & Hughes Pty LtdWeb Site add
  Enterprise Marketing and Research ServicesWeb Site add
  Farron ResearchWeb Site add
  Field ForceWeb Site add

  FieldWorksWeb Site add
  ForethoughtWeb Site add
  Galaxy ResearchWeb Site add
 GfK AustraliaWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit

  Gundabluey ResearchWeb Site add
  Hall & Partners OpenmindWeb Site add
  Harrison ResearchWeb Site add
  i-Link Research SolutionsWeb Site add
 I-ViewWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit

  Information ToolsWeb Site add
  Inside StoryWeb Site add
  Insync SurveysWeb Site add
  Iris ResearchWeb Site add
  Jigsaw Strategic ResearchWeb Site add

  KBX ResearchWeb Site add
  Lightspeed GMIWeb Site add
  LumaWeb Site add
  Lynx Research GroupWeb Site add
  Market & Communications ResearchWeb Site add

  Market AccessWeb Site add
  Market Focus InternationalWeb Site add
  Market Intelligence Strategy CentreWeb Site add
  Market SolutionsWeb Site add
  MarketMetricsWeb Site add

  MarketshareWeb Site add
  McAndrew Research & PlanningWeb Site add
 McCrindle ResearchWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  McGregor Tan ResearchWeb Site add
  McNair Ingenuity ResearchWeb Site add

  Micromex ResearchWeb Site add
  Minter GroupWeb Site add
  New Focus Pty LtdWeb Site add
  Newspoll Market ResearchWeb Site add
  Nexus ResearchWeb Site add

  Nielsen AustraliaWeb Site add
  NTF GroupWeb Site add
  ORC InternationalWeb Site add
  Orima ResearchWeb Site add
  Oz InfoWeb Site add

  Patterson Market ResearchWeb Site add
 PLAY Market ResearchWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Pulse GroupWeb Site add
  Quantum Merkat ResearchWeb Site add
  Research ReporterWeb Site add

  Roy Morgan ResearchWeb Site add
  Stable ResearchWeb Site add
 Stancombe Research & PlanningWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  Stollznow ResearchWeb Site add
  Strahan ResearchWeb Site add

  SurveyTalk InternationalWeb Site add
  Susan Bell ResearchWeb Site add
  Sweeney ResearchWeb Site add
  Taverner ResearchWeb Site add
  The Leadership FactorWeb Site add

  The Leading EdgeWeb Site add
  The Market Intelligence CoWeb Site add
 TNSWeb Site MrWeb free entryedit
  UMR ResearchWeb Site add
  UrbisWeb Site add

  UsabilityOneWeb Site add
  V & S ResearchWeb Site add
  ViewpointWeb Site add
  Vivid ResearchWeb Site add
  Voice ProjectWeb Site add

  Woolcott ResearchWeb Site add
  yellowSquaresWeb Site add


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