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Research+Results, Munich, October 23rd - 24th 2019

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  1.   Dynata Awarded Patent for Connected Data Capabilities  
  2.   Pollsters Repair Image with UK Election Call  
  3.   Ipsos Partners with Alchemy-RX  
  4.   J.D. Power and Autodata to Merge  
  5.   Nielsen Senior Hires Include Global HR Chief  
  6.   New Chief Executive for PSB  
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Event details

LARIA Annual Conference 2020

2/6/20 - 3/6/20

The LARIA2020 conference aims to equip delegates with ideas, tools and techniques for influencing decision-makers and helping them to deliver improved outcomes based on robust data, evidence and research.

We are calling for a broad range of papers from the general to the specific, and at all geographies, that will be of interest to our LARIA members and partners.

The focus of the event is 'harnessing the potential of data'. The last decade saw the world being shaped by data analytics, but what does this revolution mean for organisations delivering local public services? What opportunities do data present in the decade ahead and how do we respond to the challenges? We want to hear from local area researchers, analysts, academic researchers and policy-makers about the benefits that can be realised when data is used in imaginative ways.

For more information, please visit laria.org.uk

The Venue

Manchester Conference Centre, Manchester, UK