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BrainJuicer to Rebrand

February 13 2017

UK-based BrainJuicer says it will rebrand, unifying its MR business with its recently-launched ad agency and sharpening its focus on behavioural science. The new name, 'though it may not be hard to fathom, has not yet been officially revealed.

John Kearon and James GeddesBrainJuicer recently reported a 24% rise in revenue to £31.24m for the twelve months of 2016, compared with £25.18m in 2015. The firm described this result as a 'testament to the strength of its System1 approach', which taps into consumers' likelihood to select brands while on auto-pilot. Last summer, the company launched its System1 - Feel More: Buy More creative advertising agency, which uses the behavioural science principle that the more a consumer feels for a brand, the more they will buy, to quantitatively pre-test every piece of creative work prior to presenting ideas to clients, guaranteeing a minimum ROI against every idea.

This year, the company will continue to focus on its core products - particularly ad testing and brand tracking - while its business continues to remain predominantly ad hoc. Longer term, BrainJuicer will be rebranded, and in a statement, CEO John Kearon and CFO James Geddes commented: 'We view this as the start of a new chapter in the life of the company, as we seek to guide clients more pro-actively towards profitable marketing and building their brands'.

Web site: www.brainjuicer.com .

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