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Branded Research Offers Same Day Incentive Payment

June 29 2017

Online panel provider Branded Research has launched a new direct payment feature for US panelists using the white label API of software firm Dwolla. Participants can now receive same day payments into their personal accounts for survey participation - a first according to the firm.

Kristen MilesBranded offers online and quant sample solutions making use of trusted social media communities, and already gives cash rewards via PayPal or gift cards, but aims to make things quicker using Dwolla. Panelists can now connect their personal bank accounts with their online banking credentials through OAuth, and with account number verification through trial deposits.

The launch follows 'extensive research into the panelist experience' by the company's new Branded Insights department, which found among other things that '31 percent of panellists are motivated to take more surveys by receiving faster payouts' - and that fully 65 percent of respondents say they primarily take surveys for the rewards.

Kristen Miles (pictured), the company's Head of Branded Insights, comments: 'In this industry it's unfortunately rare for researchers to consider the overall experience of the panelist but, the truth is, their engagement and satisfaction is the key to trustworthy and high-quality results. 'We have built our entire business on the meaningfulness of relationships and truly value our community' our new white paper and the new faster, direct payment feature with Dwolla are testament to this. The people spoke and we listened'.

CEO and co-founder Matt Gaffney adds: 'We reject the 'old school' label that is still associated with market research. We're constantly evolving and moving in sync with our active community and we do this best by spending time researching and understanding them'.

Web sites: www.brinc.co and www.dwolla.com .

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