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RealityMine and MFour Offer 'Connected Consumer Data'

June 18 2019

Mobile research firms RealityMine and MFour have partnered to launch a solution called 'Connected Consumer Data', providing clients with a single-source continuous data set that combines observed digital and location behavior with validated surveys.

RealityMine and MFour Offer 'Connected Consumer Data'The new solution combines a feed of always-on mobile behavior - such as web browsing, app usage, shopping and streaming activity - with real-world location data, offering a snapshot of consumers' actions, preferences and intent. Event-triggered surveys are used to identify and survey panelists to find out the reasons behind their observed actions.

RealityMine CEO Chris Havemann says the combination can unlock key insights on the mobile, connected consumer. He adds: 'Researchers and advertisers can now combine individual consumers' digital and eCommerce activity along with their real-world store visits and in the moment survey responses to truly understand the omnichannel shopper'.

Web site: www.realitymine.com and www.mfour.com .

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