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GfK and Dstillery Link for Auto Intender Ad Targeting

May 1 2020

GfK and cross-device targeting specialist Dstillery have partnered to launch Auto Intender ad targeting models, built on the attitudes and behavior of people who specifically intend to buy a new car.

GfK and Dstillery Link for Auto Intender Ad TargetingAccording to research conducted by GfK, even in the midst of the current pandemic 53% of intenders are not expecting to delay their car purchase plans, with 22% expecting to shop or purchase online only. GfK and Dstillery have developed a model for targeting these 'auto intenders', beginning with the former's ongoing AutoMobility research, which provides a benchmark for understanding intenders' purchase plans and brand attitudes, based on interviews with more than 25,000 actual intenders each month.

AutoMobility findings are enriched with attitudinal data from consumer insights specialist MRI-Simmons, and respondents are then matched to Dstillery's consumer data platform, which uses observed anonymous behavior of more than 250 million US individuals. The firms say this allows clients to activate intender segments based on online and location data that is refreshed daily.

GfK Director of Data Assets Rolfe Swinton says the partners, assisted by MRI-Simmons, are enabling a 'new level of accuracy' in auto intender targeting. Christopher Lee Boon, SVP of Dstillery's Enterprise Solutions Group, adds: 'These custom audiences unlock targeting precision and valuable insights for advertisers. The value is enhanced with our industry-leading, AI-driven analytics, which automatically clean, organize, and rescore our predictive models every day, to help clients optimize marketing investments'.

Web sites: www.gfk.com , www.dstillery.com and www.mrisimmons.com .

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