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Dialsmith Founder Launches Qual Agency Lillian Labs

January 13 2021

David Paull, founder and President of survey tech firm Dialsmith, has launched a boutique qualitative agency called Lillian Labs, which will focus on testing and developing concepts, products and messages.

Gina DericksonNamed after inventor Lillian Moller Gilbreth, who specialized in refining client product concepts to improve the lives of female customers, Paull's new agency will work with clients to help them test and develop their messages and product concepts. Services offered include message, dial, and video testing; product positioning and management; sales messaging; and customer research. In addition to client work, the agency will produce educational content, and conduct self-funded research on current topics.

The Oregon-based business is led by Gina Derickson (pictured), who previously served as Research Director at Dialsmith's customer insights and messaging consultancy Engagious and at Dialsmith itself. Earlier, she held senior roles at evidence-based consulting firm KJT Group and qual research unit Ipsos UU; having begun her research career at Procter & Gamble, before spending eleven years at Johnson & Johnson, where she latterly served as Senior MR Manager - Global Business Insights.

Paull comments: 'Gina has tons of experience on both the client- and supplier-side. And, you know Dialsmith's background in research tech. Mash those together and we're working to bring something fresh to research - focusing on concepts, products, and messages. Our purpose is simply to make things better through better things.'

Web sites: www.dialsmith.com and https://lillianlabs.com .

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