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Realeyes Gets US Patent for Flagship PreView Product

March 1 2021

Emotion analytics specialist Realeyes has received a US patent for the core technology of its flagship PreView product, described as a 'computer-implemented system and method for determining attentiveness of users'.

Mihkel JäätmaWith offices in London, New York, Tokyo and Budapest, Realeyes uses webcams, computer vision and machine learning software to analyse how people feel as they watch video content online; and AI to analyse the word-for-word sentiment of their custom survey responses. Another solution uses artificial intelligence to forecast how much attention an ad will attract before it is launched.

Launched last August, PreView bases its approach on annotation of facial expressions indicative of user attentiveness, and machine-learning models based on this data, which then can measure user attentiveness in scenarios like watching online videos. The tool helps optimise video creative's in-market performance by measuring how to hook attention in the first seconds, retain audience attentiveness until the end, and use brand messaging to create emotional response and memorability.

The firm, which is led by CEO and co-founder Mihkel Jäätma (pictured), is online at www.realeyesit.com .

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