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Suzy Launches 'Solutions' Rapid Insights Service

March 11 2021

New York-based consumer insights platform Suzy has launched an audience-powered research solution called Suzy Solutions, through which large enterprises and brands can customize their market research and gather rapid consumer insights.

Avi SavarSuzy combines research tools with its own consumer network, to connect brands directly with their target audiences and re-target them for more detailed qualitative insights. Users can find answers to questions on what people are curious about, what motivates them, and what they are seeking to learn, in order to create new products and marketing strategies. Last year, the firm launched a qualitative research platform called 'Suzy Live' for video-based consumer interviews.

The new Suzy Solutions provides access to the company's proprietary audiences, through which researchers can segment consumers; customised research solutions that are for enterprise and industry-specific needs; and specialized 'white glove' research design services including varied methodologies, advanced analytics, diagnostics and data enrichment.

Company President Avi Savar (pictured) comments: 'We are pleased to provide our customers with a more robust set of capabilities, as we combine advanced research tools with the highest quality audience to create and further open an on-demand exchange of human intelligence. We are continuing to evolve our solutions and the Suzy stack of advanced research tools will continue to expand this year with an extension of global networks and more'.

Web site: www.suzy.com .

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