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Lexalytics Expands Offer for Eleven Languages

January 16 2023

Structured and unstructured data and text analytics firm Lexalytics has expanded its capabilities for eleven of the languages it supports, to help global organizations better understand their customers.

Jeff CatlinInMoment-owned Lexalytics processes billions of words every day, for analytics companies and teams around the world. Its Salience, Semantria and Lexalytics Intelligence Platform solutions can be used to uncover patterns and insights for voice of customer, voice of employee, customer experience management, market research, social listening, news monitoring and other business intelligence programs.

Because Lexalytics processes text data in its native language, the firm says it can take into account specific nuances and complexities of that language, and better understand the meaning and context of the text. Its expansion now includes entities, themes, summarization, sentiment, categorization, and part-of-speech tagging for: Arabic, Danish, Finnish, Hebrew, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Turkish and Vietnamese, as well as full-featured support for an additional twenty languages.

Jeff Catlin (pictured), Head of Lexalytics, comments: 'We work with global companies whose customers - both current and prospective - are interacting with them in dozens of languages beyond the ones commonly supported in the data analytics landscape. We're fully committed to expanding our work to offer accurate and full-featured text analytics across the most languages for our customers'.

Web site: www.lexalytics.com .

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