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InMoment Adds AI-Based Feedback Summarizer

March 24 2023

US-based customer intelligence platform InMoment has added new features including 'Smart Summary Generator', based on AI technology ChatGPT, into its Experience Improvement (XI) Platform.

Sandeep GargThe firm appointed Mehul Nagrani as General Manager, AI Product & Technology eighteen months ago and last year launched InMoment AI, adding natural language understanding (NLU) and natural language generation technology (NLG). InMoment says this offers CX leaders the chance to 'better understand where to focus for the biggest impact, in the fastest time'.

Smart Summary Generator is powered by tech from OpenAI, partner of Microsoft in high-profile AI software ChatGPT. The Generator promises to 'intelligently transform hundreds of pieces of individual and discrete feedback into easily consumable short, structured paragraphs to surface the most important topics and trends to help organizations take immediate action on their customer feedback'. Data sources include reviews, contact center conversations and surveys, and the software works in 'just minutes'.

Another new feature based on OpenAI's tech allows the Platform to generate 'granular and highly specialized test datasets' of the kind a human would take 'hours' to produce. This can be used to improve text analytics model accuracy and drastically decrease the time to market for new models.

Chief Product Officer Sandeep Garg (pictured) comments, 'We've all seen recent headlines around personal use of ChatGPT, but what isn't being talked about nearly enough is the new opportunities generative AI brings to enterprise software applications worldwide. At InMoment, we immediately identified the opportunity to leverage the power of this technology to solve real-world business problems for our clients'.

Web site: www.inmoment.com .

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