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Matt Britton Zooming In On...

Matt Britton, founder and CEO of Suzy

A video interview with Matt recorded over Zoom on 24th May 2022.

Based in New York, Suzy was founded only in 2018 and has expanded rapidly - reaching $25 million annual recurring revenue faster than Salesforce or Qualtrics. Although it's brought in plenty of insight expertise since, its builders were 'not really from a market research background' - a plus in Matt's view. Vertically integrated with its own panel (Crowdtap) and with an offering including Suzy Live, Suzy Home, Suzy Solutions and Dynamic Market Segmentation, the well-funded firm has plans to disrupt, acquire, and 'to become the insight system of record'. Watch to catch a little of Matt's energy; to find out what the company's named after; and/or to find out the relevance to MR of 'the ROI of a seatbelt'.

Posted 15th June 2022

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