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New Tool Aims to Crack Coding

May 23 2018

UK-based software company Digital Taxonomy has launched Codeit Professional, a tool designed 'to massively increase the quality and speed of coding unstructured text and other data', from survey verbatims to social media comments and text from VoC programmes.

New and 'disruptive' from Digital TaxonomyThe firm was founded in 2017 by Tim Brandwood of TBL Systems and Steve Taylor of We Work With Data. These were later joined by AI specialist Damien Gouriet; Quantime founder Ed Ross; and and Pat Molloy, CEO, formerly MD of Pulse Train Technology and Chief Strategy Officer at Confirmit.

The new release follows the Codeit tool launched a year ago, but has been built as a new platform from the ground up, incorporating AI and machine learning, and 'unencumbered by legacy programming models, architecture and User Interface designs'. According to Molloy, it 'signals a massive step change in the power and speed of coding over all existing solutions, whether manual or semi-automated' and will allow 'all sizes of organisation... to easily and quickly mine unstructured text for insight that previously might well have remained un-coded for reasons of timeliness, cost or resource availability'.

The launch follows seven months of intensive development and customer beta testing. CTO Brandwood says new features include code frame auto-generation, in-built text analytics and code frame cloning, all tied to a simple coding interface. Gouriet, the firm's Head of AI, notes: 'Artificial Intelligence takes text analytics to an entirely new level. With techniques such as effective supervised learning, Codeit Professional enhances the accuracy of its coding suggestions the more data it is fed - in real time'. Prices are described as 'highly disruptive'.

Web site: www.digitaltaxonomy.co.uk .

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