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Savanta Launches Fast Turnaround 'Essentials' Suite

November 27 2020

Next15's data and insights group Savanta has launched a suite of tools called 'Savanta Essentials', promising a low-cost, fast turnaround approach to help businesses research key issues and engage with consumers.

Julian DaillyCreated last year, Savanta aims to combine the benefits of a smaller agency - deep specialist expertise and a tailored, client-first approach - with the resources of a larger organisation. The business provides access to 100 million respondents through a proprietary tech platform; bespoke research; and intelligence products such as the BrandVue and MarketVue reputation tracking solutions.

The new 'Essentials' suite uses pre-scripted questionnaires to provide quick access to consumer panels, delivering findings, combined with benchmarked data, within as little as 24 hours. The suite comprises a standardised offer, which includes tracking to analyse a brand's performance relative to competitors, to identify strategies for growth, and to optimise the brand's position in the market. In addition, a concept test module can be used to determine 'winning ideas'; and a tool called 'Pitch Winner' has been developed to capture the emotional responses of a target audience to proposed creatives and ideas. The suite also provides pre-and post-campaign evaluation tools, to identify which platforms are over or under-performing comparative to spend.

Julian Dailly (pictured), EVP Consumer Insight & Strategy, comments: 'COVID-19 has and will continue to have a dramatic effect on consumer behaviour as lifestyles remain in a state of flux. As a result, business models are having to adapt ever more rapidly to the changing environments in which they operate. We have designed Savanta Essentials to ensure research is central to driving strategy, to help brands understand how behaviour is evolving over time and gain and retain a competitive advantage'.

Web site: www.savanta.com .

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