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Digimind Launches ChatGPT-powered Listening Tool

March 15 2023

Paris-based social media monitoring and competitive intelligence firm Digimind has launched a 'Social Listening Solution', promising users a 'comprehensive understanding of their online presence'.

Paul VivantOnclusive-owned Digimind offers technology which is designed to transform social media and online data into business insights. The firm's new 'Social Listening Solution' integrates two AI engines - AI Sense and OpenAI's ChatGPT - to collect, analyze, and act on online conversations. AI Sense has access to the most recent posts on social media, blogs, reviews, podcasts and more, detecting key events about any brand or topic; while ChatGPT acts as a business analyst, providing a brief summary of the insights gained from the data.

For each event, the solution detects metrics such as reach, brand impact, and mentions, and this intelligence is then transmitted to ChatGPT, which analyzes and summarizes it in plain English. When a crisis is triggered, or a buzz (positive or negative) about a brand is starting, AI Sense can detect and identify key topics and mentions, while ChatGPT uses this data to generate a summary from analysis of thousands of mentions in real time.

CEO Paul Vivant (pictured) comments: 'I'm really proud to announce that by joining the forces of these two AIs, Digimind is able to launch the most powerful social (media) listening solution on the market. It is as if each user gets full access to two dedicated analysts: one data scientist, and one business analyst 24/24, 7/7. This saves hours of analysis and allows our clients to react much faster by having an instant brief on the situation.'

The firm, which also has offices in New York, Singapore, Grenoble, Rabat, Buenos Aires, Mexico, Madrid, and Amsterdam, is online at: www.digimind.com .

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