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The MR-a-thon legacy: 205 nations

Country Pages

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The country pages with which we celebrated the London Olympics cover all 205 of the nations which had Olympic committees at the time of the Beijing 2008 Games - and in the same way that the Olympic Stadium will now provide a home for some deserving (?) football team, the pages are here to stay - we hope you'll make regular use of them to check up on your part of the world.

You can use the zoomable, movable map above left to visit our page for any of the 205. Please note that the pages evolved a lot as the four years went on and some of those posted early on are quite limited compared to the later ones - they'll also have some content from 2008 so don't expect them to be bang up to date. However, this is only the start for the country pages, for which we have more features planned soon, so keep checking back, and do contribute your views to the relevant sections at the bottom of each which we'll be filling up as we go.

Pages for all world regions are now up:

UK and Ireland
Western Europe
Central Europe
Greece and the Balkans
Eastern Europe
Scandinavia & the Baltic
North America
Central America and the Caribbean
South America
Middle East
Central Asia
Southern Asia
South East Asia
Australia, NZ and the Pacific
East Asia

The country pages will now form a permanent feature on the site - they're already updated each night to reflect any new research news stories from DRNO, or any jobs in the country in question / the surrounding region for smaller economies. We hope they'll be an active forum for researchers based there - where possible they include comments and short items from our local readers, and we'll be running a competition during the event to get some more of this content.

Here's a complete alphabetical listing of the countries. Your comments and suggestions are welcome - do drop us a line...



Email us if we can help - or if you want to contribute!