MRWho - People and Skills in Market Research - ISSUE 21 - August 2004

2nd September 2004


The Born Again Desk Researcher - a large number of tips, hints and links for finding MR info online. (Available in HTML shortly)
  » Selling Yourself - ten key points in constructing (and maintaining) a good CV, based on feedback from some of the UK's MR recruitment experts.  
  » Love and Hate - Running an Online MR News Service  
  » Vacancy and Salary Stats - Candidate Preferences  
  » Information on training courses in September  
  » News of senior level and international appointments and vacancies  
  » Next Month - Review of the jobs market and of salaries, for the first half of 2004 - plus 'Defining MR for the Legislator' - the CASRO / CMOR split  


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MRWho, now in it's 3rd year, is a supplement to DRNO, subtitled 'People and Skills in Market Research', and looking at recruitment, training, salaries and benefits, loyalty, teambuilding and all other aspects of human resources for the MR profession


AUGUST '04 Edition - The Born Again Desk Researcher

Our August issue has the emphasis firmly on the practical rather than the spectacular - although some of the salaries in vacancy ads Director + are definitely the latter - a whole page at 80k+ this month.

The lead article lists online desk research hints, tips and resources compiled by MrWeb's Nick Thomas and Purple MR's desk research guru Trevor Wilkinson, and the skills article gives ten tips for ensuring your CV is doing you proud. 'Love n Hate' gets two sides of the same coin as ever, but this month draws on a very limited sample, editors of online research news services. There *are* more than two, even in the UK, so you still don't know who wrote them, and whether or not one of them was Nick...

Statistics look at candidate registrations and note the growing proportion considering the home counties and other parts of the UK, relative to London which remains, however, by far the most popular option.

There's also the usual assortment of senior level personnel news and vacancies plus two pages of international jobs.

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