MRWho - People and Skills in Market Research - ISSUE 24 - November 2005

24th November 2005


Switched On - behind the scenes with the researchers at Five TV. (Available in HTML shortly)
  » To Asia or Not To Asia? - a summary to help you decide  
  » Love and Hate - MR in Asia  
  » Information on training courses in December 05  
  » News of senior level and international appointments and vacancies  


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MRWho is a supplement to DRNO, subtitled 'People and Skills in Market Research', and looking at recruitment, training, salaries and benefits, loyalty, teambuilding and all other aspects of human resources for the MR profession. It's back to monthly publication now after a near-death experience in the first nine months of 2005.


NOVEMBER '05 Edition - Research at Five TV

'Now is an amazing time to be getting into broadcast research' says Five TV's Head of Viewer Research Carl Ratcliff. 'The world of TV is changing fast - with new content, new technology, and new platforms - and research is the only function with a role to play in unpacking all of that.' In the first of a series of interviews on both sides of the Atlantic under the heading 'Walking with Clients', we go behind the scenes at the UK broadcaster.

Asia is high on the agenda with the launch this month of our Asian site: in a short skills-and-trends article Liz Norman summarizes some of the pros and cons of going to work in the fast growing region, while in 'Love 'n' Hate' we meet two Asian research professionals, one of whom is fast growing with it and the other fast going off it.

As ever, there is senior level personnel news and vacancies plus two pages of international jobs.

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