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Some of the great pages we have so far:

China over and out

South Korea hosting the 2018 winter games

Japan first competed in 1912

Taiwan officially during the Olympics 'Chinese Taipei'

Hong Kong site of the (Beijing) 2008 equestrian events

Philippines holds the record for the most medals without a gold

New Zealand first Southern Hemisphere country to win Winter medal

Australia 1956 Melbourne, 2000 Sydney

Singapore never competed in Winter

Thailand best sport boxing

Vietnam medal tally 2

Bangladesh most populous country in the world never to have won an Olympic medal

India best sport field hockey

Russia competed before 1917 as The Russian Empire

UAE won their first medal in Greece (2004)

Saudi Arabia may send first female contestants to London

Israel 113 Gold Medals at Summer Paralympic Games

Egypt top medal producing sport weightlifting

Kenya producer of serious middle & long distance runners


See below for countries already up and running.


Final year countdown!

In less than 50 days, our own city of London will host the 2012 Olympics, and will be welcoming visitors from more than 200 countries, just as we try to make researchers from round the world feel at home on the MrWeb site.

On Opening Ceremony day, July 27th 2012, it’ll be 204 weeks since the closing ceremony in Beijing - and by then we hope to have a page for each of the 204 countries who took part in the 2008 Games. That means hurtling round Europe at the pace of a Usain Bolt - but unlike the third man in a certain sprint relay team, we've got it in hand, honest.

The pages combine relevant information for researchers - of which some countries have more than others, of course - with general information to entertain you and give you a flavour of the country.

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- the usual home page is here

How we are planning to run...

Each page will be here to stay and will be updated as appropriate ? often in the case of major and fast-growing economies like China, UAE or South Africa. You can use them as a jumping off point for news and jobs about MR in each country, and we hope they'll be an active forum for researchers based there - where possible they include comments and short items from our local readers.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome,do drop us a line...

See you in London next year?

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