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As of March 1st 2023: Now updating each day based on yesterday's DRNO stories. Last update 14th June.

RAIDAR taps the daily updates of company information found on the industry's newspaper, DRNO, to present a real-time ranking of the top companies in market research / insights, analytics and business data. See below the table for more on why it's the most comprehensive, open, up-to-date and flexible ranking ever seen in the sector.

RAIDAR is new and will have plenty of errors and omissions. It's also growing: we hope to have 100 companies in it sometime early in 2024. Please send us comments and suggestions either on the service as a whole or on particular figures: if you know something's wrong or just think you have a better source / estimate we'd love to hear from you. If you're a b2b research firm and would like to chip in regularly, ie contribute to the compilation of the rankings, get in touch. Ditto if you'd like to sponsor RAIDAR, from £600 / a month.

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RAIDAR Global Top 50 by Revenue, then sorted by latest revenue - 2022 figures if available, otherwise 2021
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This calc 2021 Rev.
USA / Ari Bousbib DV 5,534m5,746m 38,720m 31st Dec 34,316 Search
2 2 Gartner
USA / Eugene A. Hall FS 4,519m4,994m 25,920m 31st Dec 17,780 Search
3 4 Adobe Systems
USA / Shantanu Narayen DV 3,867m4,422m 37,500m 2nd Dec 7,342 Search
4 3 NIQ / GfK Combined
USA / Jim Peck FS 4,250m -- 5,200m 31st Dec 40,000 Search
5 5 Nielsen Holdings (was Media)
USA / David Kenny FS 3,500m -- 16,000m 31st Dec 15,000 Search
6 7 IHS Markit
UK / Douglas L. Peterson FS 3,145m -- 44,000m 30th Nov 10,800 Search
7 6 Kantar
UK / Chris Jansen FS 3,283m3,062m 4,000m 31st Dec 27,163 Search
8 8 Clarivate Analytics
UK / Jonathan Gear, CEO FS 1,877m2,660m 4,200m 31st Dec 11,600 Search
9 9 Ipsos
France / Ben Page FS 2,433m2,576m 2,745m 31st Dec 20,000 Search
10 11 Deloitte
USA / Punit Renjen DV 2,132m2,518m 5,800m 31st May 17,625 Search
11 10 Verisk Analytics excl Wood Mackenzie
USA / Lee Shavel FS 2,330m2,497m 28,110m 31st Dec 7,000 Search
12 12 Circana
USA / Kirk Perry FS 1,850m -- ?m 31st Jan 3,300 Search
13 13 Accenture
Ireland / Julie Sweet DV 1,848m -- 8,400m 31st Aug 30,080 Search
14 15 Salesforce
USA / Marc Benioff / Bret Taylor co-CEOs DV 1,380m1,633m 9,834m 31st Jan 4,497 Search
15 14 Concentrix
USA / Christopher Caldwell DV 1,467m1,581m 7,190m 30th Nov 78,750 Search
16 17 Qualtrics
USA / Zig Serafin OI 1,076m1,459m 12,500m 31st Dec 5,600 Search
17 16 McKinsey & Company
USA / Bob Sternfels, Managing Partner DV 1,250m -- 12,000m 31st Dec 2,800 Search
18 18 Costar Group
USA / Andrew C. Florance DV 864.5m994.4m 28,740m 31st Dec 5,653 Search
19 19 Boston Consulting Group
USA / Christoph Schweizer, CEO DV 884.7m941m 673m 31st Dec 2,412 Search
20 20 Experian Consumer Insight
UK / Brian Cassin (CEO of Experian parent co.) DV 817.4m -- 25,930m 31st Mar 2,314 Search
21 21 Dynata
USA / Mike Petrullo FS 760m -- ?m 31st Dec 2,600 Search
22 22 IDG, Inc.
USA / Kirk Campbell DV 733.2m -- 1,300m 31st Dec 2,600 Search
23 23 Wood Mackenzie
UK / Mark Brinin FS 660m -- 3,100m 31st Dec 2,082 Search
24 36 Zeta Global Corp.
USA / David Steinberg OI 458.3m591m 2,140m 31st Dec 1,604 Search
25 24 Bain & Company
USA / Manny Maceda, Worldwide Managing Partner DV 450m580m 391m 31st Dec 1,400 Search
26 32 Simon-Kucher & Partners
Germany / Mark Billige FS 503.2m574.1m ?m 31st Dec 1,700 Search
27 25 Medallia
USA / Joe Tyrrell OI 570m -- 6,400m 31st Jan 3,000 Search
28 26 Sitecore
USA / Steve Tzikakis OI 560m -- 2,400m 31st Dec 2,200 Search
29 34 Forrester Research, Inc.
USA / George Colony FS 481.4m537.8m 626.6m 31st Dec 1,781 Search
30 27 Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG)
USA / Paul Todd FS 531m -- ?m 31st Dec 2,300 Search
31 28 LiveRamp - was Acxiom Corp
USA / Scott Howe OI 529m -- 2,300m 31st Mar 1,400 Search
32 29 Toluna
USA / Frédéric-Charles Petit, CEO DV 449.3m518.9m 2,080m 31st Dec 2,500 Search
33 30 ICF International
USA / Sudhakar Kesavan FS 517m -- 1,870m 31st Dec 2,667 Search
34 31 Westat, Inc.
USA / Scott Royal FS 510m -- ?m 31st Dec 1,700 Search
35 33 Sprinklr
USA / Ragy Thomas OI 492.4m -- 2,170m 31st Jan 3,245 Search
36 39 SurveyMonkey
USA / Eric Johnson, CEO FS 443.8m480.9m 1,500m 31st Dec 1,175 Search
37 35 J.D. Power
USA / Dave Habiger FS 462m -- 1,540m 31st Dec 1,160 Search
38 38 Verint
USA / Dan Bodner, President and CEO OI 437.2m451.1m 1,200m 31st Jan 2,150 Search
39 37 Informa Group
UK / Stephen A. Carter, Group CEO DV 451.1m -- 3,100m 31st Dec 3,400 Search
40 41 American Institutes for Research
USA / David Myers FS 424.7m -- ?m 31st Dec 1,020 Search
41 42 Booz Allen Hamilton
USA / Horacio D. Rozanski DV 420m -- 8,190m 31st Mar 1,460 Search
42 43 Dunnhumby
UK / Dan Olley FS 418.3m -- 2,000m 28th Feb 2,600 Search
43 44 Meltwater Group
USA / John Box OI 401.6m -- 588m 31st Dec 2,300 Search
44 45 Contentsquare
France / Jonathan Cherki OI 400m -- 5,600m 31st Dec 1,500 Search
45 46 comScore
USA / Jon Carpenter, CEO FS 367m376.4m 81.8m 31st Dec 1,382 Search
46 47 Macromill
Japan / Toru Sasaki, Global CEO FS 387.8m366.8m 253.2m 30th June 2,550 Search
47 40 RAND Corporation
USA / Jason Matheny, President and CEO FS 435.7m356.5m ?m 30th Sep 1,770 Search
48 48 GlobalData Plc
UK / Mike Danson, CEO FS 256m294.3m 1,895m 31st Dec 3,652 Search
49 49 Information Services Group
USA / Michael Connors FS 277.8m286m 255.94m 31st Dec 1,600 Search
50 50 YouGov
UK / Stephan Shakespeare / Steve Hatch from 1st Aug '23 FS 235m269m 1,583m 31st July 1,650 Search

Definition: The table shows the 50 companies / groups identified thus far (10 more added 14th June) with the highest most-recently-reported annual revenue (ie 2021 or FY 2022 where complete) from activities in market and social research, insight generation and delivery, market analytics (not purely for financial / investment purposes), and business data analytics. See below for longer list of inclusions and exclusions.

RAIDAR is...

Comprehensive: RAIDAR aims to include every relevant business we can find, not just those that self-identify as researchers or those traditionally included in such rankings. The second 'A' in RAIDAR is key: where a significant proportion of a company's work is in qualifying areas, but not all, the ranking attempts to put figures on how much of its revenue comes from insights / analytics activities and how many of its staff are focused on this kind of work.

Up-to-date and flexible: RAIDAR will reflect what happened in the sector yesterday, as seen in articles on DRNO. In the case of current and planned M&A activity you'll be able to select whether you want this included in the calculations or excluded - in other words, 'Show me how the table will look once/if the NielsenIQ - GfK merger is finalised' - and so on.

Open: It's not an exact science, but we're open about reasons for inclusion or exclusion of companies and of their individual divisions. By hovering over a company name you can access our comments and reasoning - and by hovering over a revenue figure, you can see any calculations used to arrive at that.

Evolving: The database that feeds this table currently includes just over 200 firms, and these will be added into the sortable RAIDAR rankings a few at a time, as we continue to sift through the available data. We believe the listing is already more accurate, more inclusive and more up-to-date than other rankings you may have viewed: but the names and positions will change, significantly, as new and previously unconsidered firms are added in.


Included: full service and ops MR companies (including panels and sampling), the research and analytics functions of management consultancies, MR and business data analytics and presentation software and platforms, market reports firms, passive data collectors / analysts, behavioural scientists, social media analysts / analysis software.

Excluded: financial sector analysts, pure marketing functions, list providers (marketing / sales functions), credit checking and consumer credit profiling agencies, loyalty schemes, clinical trials activities, other scientific research and analysis unassociated with market understanding or business process improvement.

On the RAIDAR? Shout about it: Note that from sometime in 2023 (July?) a specific top 50 (by latest annual revenue) will be published at the beginning of each month, and on the basis of this companies can license use of a button giving their RAIDAR ranking. More details of how this works and how much it costs will appear in DRNO (and here) in January .